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Thursday, June 17, 2010

6/17/2010 – 34 Pounds Lost – 21 Pounds to Go – 65 Days Left

O.K. So, big report out today. Yesterday I had a run in with the step daughter and it is clear that she is unwilling to work toward a basic respectful relationship with me. Just when me and my wife were coming around this has to enter into the mix. As I have stated before she is not capable of having too much stress in her life at which point she will start to shut down and the first thing to go away is me. So now the only logical thing to expect is that our progress will be frozen or it will go backwards at this point. Those 65 days left to a new life may be more of a prophecy than I originally thought. There is no way her and I can exist in the same household together and there are three other kids to consider. Don't know how it will play out but if she is dead set on not trying to have a basic respectful relationship change is coming. There will be BIG changes soon because her and I in the same house has proven to be volatile if she continues to be stubborn and not try to make things livable. Trust me it may sound like I am not taking any responsibility in this and it is all on her but it really is. I continue over and over again putting my pride aside to try to communicate but it is no help to the situation.

In the face of all that I have broken through another barrier today with my weight loss. I dropped three pounds from 24 hours ago and it is for good reason. I realized that I was taking in too many carbs and this was slowing down the weight loss. AND, I extended the time I am working out and the intensity during the harder parts of the cardio program. I am beyond excited about my weight loss and after I got off the scale this morning I said to myself "There is no stopping me now".

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