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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/15/2010 – 31 Pounds Lost – 24 Pounds to Go – 67 Days Left

I was certain that I gained at least one maybe two pounds over night. I ate A LOT of food over the last 24 hours (all extremely health though) and expected to have a gain. I was in a bad mood yesterday after I got off of work and I was not sure why. In the past I have been damaging to my wife and kids by interacting with them to much while in that state. So, this time I banned myself to my room and went to bed early. I think my body is angry with me for some reason and it is manifesting through my mind. Crazy – I hope I snap out of it soon. Anyway – I lost a pound and regardless of what I "thought" would happen I am on a good path. I send out much strength to my weight loss people out there. Everyday is a challenge in itself. You will see what you are made of every day of your life that you are on this path. The world and many people around you may empathize and sympathize with being overweight BUT will subconsciously endorse it because they are not happy with where they are at. You must rise above the delicious looking commercials for pizza hut and McDonalds and stay the course. I told a friend yesterday that having the body healthy helps to make the mind healthy. It's strange how they are completely separated and connected all at the same time.

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