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Monday, October 18, 2010

I continue to learn about myself…

Tomorrow is the day that I will get my butt back into gear and start dealing with my eating habits. Also I am going to workout tomorrow and Thursday. My goal here is to start off working out three day a week and get into a groove I can maintain.

All of the different blogs that I follow and all the posts that I have read over the past two weeks have been insightful. I took time away from my blog to really get a sense for what eating and maintaining really means. People were fired up about posting greasy food, wanting comfort food, and feeling stuck. Well I believe everyone has their own unique problems and unique way of handling them. One thing we have to be careful about is letting others opinions and negative energy affect our opinions and our energy.

There are so many things I still need to accomplish in life and if I cannot get this weight thing stabilized I fear it will get in the way of my focus on other things. If I don’t have a clear focus on something chances are it will not get done. This I know about myself. I need to dedicate myself and have a clear focus on big goals.

One last thing – I will be posting my before and after pictures once I get back down to my goal weight of 190 pounds. I do not know where I am at right now but I would guess I am around 197/198 right now. Tomorrow morning I will report out how far I have to go to get back down to 190. It should be interesting this next couple weeks - at least you all have a countdown now and are not left open ended.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan for tomorrow. I usually workout 3-4 days, it does seem way more doable than everyday. It really is about finding a plan that will work for you long term.

    I agree too about being careful about negative energy from others or even ourselves. We really can do anything we put our minds too and fooey on others that don't believe us.

    I am sooooo about big goals. Not sure what my next one will be but definitely something physical. I think it's what keeps a lot of people moving forward.

    Looking forward to the before and after pictures, just don't subconsciously drag your feet getting back to goal because of them lol.

  2. bbubblyb - I always enjoy your insight. You can count on one thing - I will not be dragging my feet three days a week in the gym I can assure you of that. Maybe dragging outside the gym. Fooey…. Ummm…. can't cay that saying will catch on with me. : - )
    Big goals do keep my life active and free from ruts that can be damaging.