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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Life Indeed. Harmony!


  1. Wow, awe inspiring!! Especially seeing those where you gained, but didn't give up. I just had a 8.2lb gain. So that was what really stuck out to me, because I'm not givin' up either!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  2. Wow congrats dude really glad to have just come in a day early to see you reach your deserved victory!!! Hope you keep blogging and I am definitely going to link you in my next post!!!! Please if I forget remind me (info @ darwinstable dot com

  3. Great video production, cool way to celebrate your accomplishment.

    Awesome music selection, Rocky rules. And you do as well.

    A marvelous journey you have begun here, marvelous!

    Very glad to have been here to share it with you.