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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7/20/2010 – 44 Pounds Lost – 11 Pounds to Go – 33 Days Left

This is the point at which I have lost all momentum in the past. I have gotten down to 202/201/204 a couple times and just lost momentum. The same thing is upon me right now. I don't think I have lost any momentum but I do feel that thought creeping in my head that I want to let down my guard a bit and not focus so hard on the task at hand. I must concentrate harder now that ever.
Regarding my wife, I think she is in a much better place with "us" these days and is making an effort to make us work. I still don't like it that there is no verbal communication about where she is at – but I will take the physical actions that she is doing right now. All I really want is for her to tell me that no matter what we will work this out and she is in it to win it… to this point no such communication. Like I said though – I will take what I can get right now. I like where we are at – I hope we continue to grow.
The step daughter – she appears to have a different kind of boyfriend these days – one that does not call at all ours of the night drunk or high – one that does not fight all the time – maybe she is really trying to turn things around.
The move is 90% done – we are now all living in the new house. I built a shed and a subfloor in the garage to make a playroom for the kids. I feel very handy but my body aches from all the work. It was a good move – I think the hardest yet for our family – but good.
I don't think I have ever said anything about my passion for fish. I have been building a salt water tank and now have three fish in it – two clown fish (Nemos) and one blue hippo tang (Dory I just got yesterday actually). I have always wanted a cool fish tank and now it is coming to be. It is relaxing to come home and see them. I have just a small tank right now (20 gallons) but will move up soon by the end of the year.

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